Transfer Student Policy

When a family is considering registering a student at St. Eugene School, the student and/or parents will meet with Learning Support staff. This meeting will take place sometime after the family has had a tour and met with the principal. Prior to the start date of the transfer student’s first day of classes at St. Eugene, he/she will come for a 30 minute time block to complete a reading assessment and a math assessment. Results will be shared with classroom teachers to inform instruction and planning. Parents will be asked to provide background information on their child as a learner, including any services their child may have received at his/her prior school. We will also ask parents to have a brief questionnaire completed by the previous school’s principal and/or classroom teacher and to provide a copy of a current report card and standardized test results.

The purpose of the assessments, one-on-one meetings, and questionnaire is not to determine admittance to St. Eugene, but to provide more information for teachers and learning support staff to adequately prepare to meet the needs of the new student in the classroom. (For example: To create an appropriate accommodations plan, to allow adjustments to a learning support schedule, to secure materials or additional licenses for different enrichment programming, etc.)

It is recommendedthat the initial meeting with Learning Support staff takes place one to two weeks prior to the intended date of enrollment.

Transfer Student Steps prior to first day of classes at St. Eugene School:


2.)Meet with the Principal

3.)Provide copy of current report card and standardized test results

4.)Prior school completes questionnaire

5.)Meet with Director/Associate Director of Learning Support

6.)Student will complete reading and math assessments

7.)Director/Associate Director of Learning Support provides feedback to parents