The Archdiocese of Milwaukee recognizes and honors outstanding Catholic schools through its Exemplary Recognition Program. The Exemplary Recognition Program is based on the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools. The process for recognition is competitive involving a written application, documentation, and a site visit by a team of educational professionals.

St. Eugene School is proud to be awarded Exemplary Recognition by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in four areas: Mission and Catholic Identity, Academic Excellence, Innovative Programs, and Educating the Whole Student.

Commendations for each of the Exemplary Recognition Awards

Mission and Catholic Identity, 2016-2021

  • Worship Circles that are exemplary displays of student leadership of prayer and Scriptural reflection; excellent communication of Scripture stories; integration into the Sunday Liturgy of Word for children.
  • Partnership with parish in Uganda that develops global awareness and creates widening opportunities for generosity.
  • Strong St. Eugene parish / school engagement and support.
  • Integration of mission statement into school culture.
  • Exceptional support and involvement of pastor in the life of the school.

Academic Excellence, 2016-2021

  • The first response from all groups interviewed (student, parent, teacher, administrator) spoke to the school being rooted in its Catholic values.
  • The Panther Way is embedded into the culture of the school. The environment is one of mutual respect and concern for others. Power Hour allows teachers and students the opportunity to identify areas of need or enrichment and there is no "stigma" to having a learning need in any particular context. Students self-assess and complete self-tracking charts. Parents were able to articulate goals for their children.
  • Parents, students, and faculty have adopted a "growth mindset" evident in the way instruction is designed and delivered. Parents have embraced the power of "yet." Student growth is intentional no matter where the student is in their learning.
  • School-wide data is used to inform school-wide academic goals. Data is very transparent and instruction is informed by information from multiple assessments. The faculty is to be commended for their accessibility to students and parents and the personal attention each receives.
  • The reporting mechanisms employed by the school are very effective in communicating student progress to students and parents.
  • Teachers work collaboratively to determine what is needed to support student learning. Curriculum and instruction are revised and adapted to meet the needs of the students. In addition to Power Hour, having a faculty member dedicated to facilitating the analysis of data and targeted instruction for students is very effective.
  • Each teacher completes individual goals that directly tie to larger school goals and complete a written reflection of their progress monthly. The principal partners with teachers in establishing and monitoring their goals. There is a strong Leadership Team in place and this team actively participates in professional development directed at school improvement.
  • It is apparent that St. Eugene School has worked hard to provide a safe and caring environment that supports all learners in their educational journey. The individual attention each child receives in noteworthy and greatly appreciated by students and parents. There is a pride in the school that spans all areas of growth and development. The school is Catholic in every respect and the modeling of Gospel values has taken root in the students served.

Innovative Programs, 2014-2019

  • The visiting team commends the principal and faculty for leading a cultural shift in teaching and learning. The implementation of the 1:1 iPad program has transformed the classroom into a truly innovative learning environment and has expanded the school day beyond the walls of St. Eugene.
  • The 1:1 iPad program has enabled the staff to increase student engagement, creativity, and understanding in the learning process. The technology has allowed teachers to customize instruction and differentiate to better meet the needs of all learners. Learning is student centered and personalized.
  • Students describe the technology at St.Eugene as a "gateway to learning.” They appreciate and enjoy the project-based learning experiences that teachers create for them.
  • The technology has enabled teachers to provide greater feedback to students, track progress more effectively, and respond to needs in a more diverse manner. The iPads enrich learning for students and staff. 

Educating the Whole Student, 2018-2023

  •  The visiting team commended St. Eugene School for demonstrating strong leadership and staff commitment to educating the whole student.
  •  There are numerous opportunities for faith/characater development and for activities and partnerships beyond the school community.
  •  Strong evidence of academic differentiation includes excellent use of art, music, and unique programming including Worship Circle and Power Hour for targeted   interventions
  •  Differentiation occurs for high and low learners as well as for students in the middle of the continuum. Data is used to inform instruction and set goals.
  •  There is high involvment in activities such as the Pope Project for environmental awareness, new and host family program, Battle of the Books, Sandwich Saturdays to   name a few.
  •  Creative use of a part-time counselor, health classes, promotion of speakers provided by REDgen have all helped to partner with parents to provide a supportive   network
  •  St. Eugene offers many co-curricular activities in the areas of athletics, theatre, and music including band, choir, ski club, Tuesday Night Slammers and more.
  •  A growth mindset and Panther Way support effective dimensions of learning.
  •  Worship Circle, service learning, study of scripture, and the relationship with a sister parish in Uganda all help to give students a better understanding of how our   Catholic faith is integral to meeting the needs of those near and far.