Exciting Win at The Dominican Challenge 2017

On March 3rd, St. Eugene sent three teams of five students each (6th grade team, 7th grade team, and 8th grade team) to The Dominican Challenge 2017.  We competed against schools from the north shore, Grafton, and Cedarburg.  We are proud to announce that St. Eugene School took First Place - Best School Overall and our eighth grade team was named Best 8th Grade Team!

The teams were asked to build a device that could propel up to eight dice toward a target.  The device had to be made out of materials sold at the Knights' Marketplace.  Each team had $200 to spend but could earn more money.  They were given several options for earning more money including opening credit, designing and printing ads, or investing in a company.  Teams could also complete up to three research and development lab reports to move closer to the target.  All three of our teams completed all three research and development lab reports.

Our math and science teacher chaperoned students and reported that the competition utilized skills in math, personal finance, marketing, writing, scientific research, and engineering.  Our three teams got right down to business and came up with their game plans.  Our students worked well together and their teamwork clearly paid off.

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